Thinning hair

Home Remedies to Combat Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a sad reality for many people, but especially women. Although hair thinning occurs gradually over time and usually doesn’t cause baldness, it can be quite noticeable.

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Reclaiming personal health: New life and no hair loss!

Hair loss can be damaging to anyone’s self-confidence. For Patricia, losing her hair felt like losing herself!” Patricia had a very intense retail sales job in her twenties, working different hours every day and never having the same days off. This.

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A quick recovery from Hair Loss

Last winter, Ann fought a terrible flu with high fever for several days in her home town of Bloomington, Minnesota. When she finally got over it, she started experiencing significant hair loss. “I was horrified,” she says.

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No more wigs, no more hair loss

Tried everything and still experiencing hair loss? Everything changes with Hair Essentials all-natural, innovative hair-growth regenerative formula, including the need to wear wigs! Here's a moving story shared by a customer. 

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