Hair vitamins

The Ponytail and Its History

Both women and men with long hair know the feeling of needing to get their hair off their face and quickly securing it into a ponytail with a hair tie.

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11 Confidence boosting results with Hair essentials for hair loss and natural growth!

If you have been hair dying you hair all your life or simply experiencing  thinning hair, it's time to GIVE BACK to your hair  with whole body nourishment. 

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Reclaiming personal health: New life and no hair loss!

Hair loss can be damaging to anyone’s self-confidence. For Patricia, losing her hair felt like losing herself!” Patricia had a very intense retail sales job in her twenties, working different hours every day and never having the same days off. This.

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No more wigs, no more hair loss

Tried everything and still experiencing hair loss? Everything changes with Hair Essentials all-natural, innovative hair-growth regenerative formula, including the need to wear wigs! Here's a moving story shared by a customer. 

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